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On this Web-site you can opt to head to the most recent information of the site (on 8 diverse languages) about old-fashioned football, games like Reasonable Planet of Soccer, Kick Off 2, Participant Manager, The Supervisor as well as their remake like Toss in and Up Soccer or Look into wikickoff, the open up encyclopedia of Football videogames, dwelling Pc and console emulators for Windows, Apple Mac OSX, Linux, Pocket Personal computer that everyone can edit, or perhaps Visit the Discussion board and begin talking about about롤대리 old Amiga, Atari, Commodore sixty four, Nintendo, SEGA, Megadrive, the newest soccer game titles for Computer system and consoles


Wikickoff is a Web-based, cost-free-content material encyclopedia motivated to Wikipedia, which is created collaboratively by volunteers. Entries on conventional encyclopedic matters exist along with These on existing functions subjects. Its purpose is to make and distribute, around the world, a absolutely free Kick Off encyclopedia in as several languages as possible. Wikickoff is one of the most well-liked reference web-sites of your Kick Off Affiliation.

Wikickoff started as being a enhance to your Kick Off Environment Cup Information on April 2005.

Obtaining steadily acquired in attractiveness, it's got spawned many conceptually related sister tasks including Wikoa as well as Italian Wikickoff. Its article content are edited by volunteers in wiki fashion, indicating posts are subject to change by almost any person. Wikickoff’s volunteers enforce here a plan of “neutral point of view”. Under this, the sights introduced by notable people or KOA associates are summarized devoid of trying to determine an aim real truth.